AXA Philippines Introduces New Health Coverage Products


AXA Philippines is redefining the life insurance market by introducing Health Exentials, Health Max and SME ProteXion – three new products that provide adequate coverage to Filipinos when they encounter critical and life-threatening illness.

A bloggers event was held at the Ascott hotel in Makati a few days ago with speakers Dr. Renzo Guinto,  DOH Usec Teodoro Herbosa and TV and movie personality Camille Prats plus a few representatives from AXA Philippines namely JayAnne Rempola and Albert Mangosing.

The first two speakers had a lengthy discussion with the host of the event that were really very interesting for us. The DOH Undersecretary was very lively with his statements and you can feel his sincerity to advise and give recommendations.


Several information were shared during the discussion officiated by an AXA Philippines representative who moderated the entire event to a fruitful afternoon of understanding the importance of being well-prepared to be ready for the unexpected financial burdens brought about by a sudden medical or hospitalization problem.

AXA Philippines managers shared their knowledge about the new products being offered by AXA Philippines.

Popular celebrity actress Camille Prats was emotional as she shared her struggles in caring and accepting the fate of her husband. She said they were lucky that there were relatives who aided them during their times of need but it would be very difficult for ordinary people if they encounter the same situation.

Before the event proper, the attendees had the opportunity to undergo some health tests to determine their Blood Pressure, Body Mass Index (BMI) Body fat and Waist-to-Hip Ratio. The meaning of all those tests were them discussed later at the event proper. Somehow, we were alarmed at the results that made us realize we really need to take care of our future.




Health Exentials is a simple, all-in-one health and protection plan that gives the greatest value at an affordable price of only as low as P 59 per day. Customers can get P5.5 million worth of comprehensive benefits including a critical conditions benefit, total and permanent disability benefit, daily hospitalization income benefit, a one-time surgical benefit, and a maturity cash benefit. Health Exentials premium can be as low as P1,140 per month or P 39 per day.

Health Max provides maximum lifetime coverage as it gives medical benefits until age 100. It also has the widest coverage of illnesses in the market today – 56 major medical conditions and 18 minor illnesses. It also includes early stage cancer diagnosis and angioplasty. It also has a high medical benefit of up to 10 million as well as a special Advanced Health Fund that starts at age 70.

SME ProteXion is for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprisesflexible payment options which also offers health and protection packages-in-one with various benefit options to choose such as critical care coverage, daily hospitalization income, life insurance coverage and death and disablement coverage.


It is very ideal to invest in the health coverage product that is right for you so you will worry less in case the unexpected comes. We will really never know if we will remain in good health or we could forever stay fit and strong for the rest of our lives. We do need to make a considerable investment to feel sound and secure that there will be something for us in our times of difficulty.

We recommend to get one of these heath coverage plans for peace of mind.


10 responses to “AXA Philippines Introduces New Health Coverage Products

  1. Just an inquiry, i want to do my operation there in the philippines, now im in oman axa here they told me i can do the treatment in The Medical City. My policy no. 65/XC/30094/0…IP Net: Diamond Plan: RG Policy Holder: Salam Studio And Stores Benefits: R&B: PVT.ROOM OUTP….I want to know what will be the procedure.
    Pls reply me in my email.
    Regards & Thank you.

  2. Hi po ask ko lang po,ano po ba mga requirements para mag avail ng life plan insurance sa company nyo?
    Thank u po

  3. I got my axa health max last august 2014. I never read nor discuss the coverage of my health insurance. However, i attended the trainings and seminars aspiring become their agent. But i stop due to family conflict.
    last march 25,2015 nag pa exe.check up ako and na found out na need to remove my uterus due to adenomyamosis. This cause me excessive blood flow during my mentrual period very painful and i cannot tolerate the pain anymore. I went to axa office if i am covered of my operation or any thing that can help my hospitalization since i have insurance. I’d file my medical result, my doctors medical evaluation and all the forms needed. Sad to say after 15 worki g days waiting for their approval but my claims was denied due to not included to my insurance BUT accdg to the doctor if my uterus found that it is CANCER thats the time they will change my claims, they will give the necessary claims. Why do we get insurance that we cannot enjoy it. We claim only if youre cancer patient. It should be prior to selling This product is for cancer only. Now my uterus and ovary was removed thank you Lord for having philhealth, company loan and other financial help come from family. I don’t want any insurance that for cancer only. Thank you and goodbye AXA

  4. Goodday…Ask ko lang po puwede ho ba akong mag-agent kasi before empleyado po ako sa HMO company as a Bookkeepper medyo may little knowledge about the business. Now I’m 49 i need a part time job for addt’l income. I know na kailangan pang magseminar and get a license. Thanks

  5. Hi just want to inquire for a possible agent, and i want to have a pension plan for myself. I got loads of friends and i want them to avail too like health insurance as most of ofws doesnt have one. I will be in the phil on december mid and if i can have like a seminar? Thnx pls reply

  6. I am often asked what’s the best health insurance company in the Philippines. And each time, I reply that there is no straightforward answer to that question. then i saw this where you can easily compare the top healthcare brands and you can shop right after. Very convenient and hassle free.

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