Basta Driver, Sweet Lover

Episode 1 – Super Pinoyboy saves the day by teaching a clueless man the proper Filipino way to date a Pinay. Please share and spread this video. Salamat! Mabuhay!

Lyrics by Mikey Bustos for Bustos Entertainment Inc.



Instagram: Mikey_Bustos

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Video and Lyrics Below:


What was that?




Where is that sound coming from?

Hey, there spider!


Hoy have no fear.

Who are you?

Your Super Pinoyboy is here!

Super Pinoyboy I can see your…

Exactly, pare, it is time for me to show you how to court the pinoy way!
You have to be nice, make her heart flutter like butterflies,
first you have to go on a date with her friends,
and when they approve, you can go ahead and make that kilig move,
tell her that you like her, and sana she will, too.

You have to take it slow, give your love some time to grow,
You have to court her long, if you want your love to be strong.
You have to do it right, and court her like a shining knight, and that is how we date,
You must court her the Pinoy way.



But Pinoyboy…

Super Pinoyboy…

Super pala! Sorry! I just want her love asap!
Wag kang agad agad! Just take it slow, if you don’t she will feel like she’s just a hoe.
Intro yourself to her mom, be a good boy and it won’t be long til you win her heart and make lambing to her dad, make sure to say po and politely let her parents know,
you’re into their daughter, and you will date her right!

Now that you won her friends, this is the first step to the pinoy dance,
You won her parents, Is it time to have sex…?
No you can’t! You have to court her first, enter her Pinay universe, and that is how to date, you must court her the Pinoy way!

Then sing up to her window sill, harana skills will win her heart! And give, her lots of gifts, small or big, she’ll be kilig-lig-lig!
If your love is strong, soon you’ll ask your future dad in law,
to take his daughter’s hand, cuz God made you guys last this long (take your time X4),

and everyone will say, your love will go a long, long way,
Because you made the choice to court your love the Pinoy way!

Thank you Pinoyboy!

Hoy, I’m Super Pinoyboy I said!

Can I take her to bed?

Yes, now it’s time to have your kid!

And it won’t be long, until your baby comes along

I’m the Ninong, ha! Oh my God! She is a man pala!

So let us recap…

Lesson today is take it slow,
Take the steps to let her know,
Be a real man when you want to date,
And court your love the Pinoy way!

My work is done! Tama na! Super Tricycle, to the Super Bahay Kubo… po!


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