Chemical Engineering Students Summit Philippines 2014 – NEXUS: Embracing New Possibilities through Unified Perspectives


The Chemical Engineering Students Summit Philippines (ChESSPh) is an annual gathering of chemical engineering undergraduate students from different colleges and universities across the country.  In aim to spur the minds of these promising Filipino chemical engineers, professionals of the field are invited to conduct seminars and workshops to share their experiences, providing the students an extensive view of the field and inspiring them to contribute to the development of chemical engineering in the Philippines.

Themed “NEXUS: Embracing New Possibilities Through Unified Perspectives“, this year’s summit encourages an atmosphere for dynamic interaction between fellow students and professionals from the academe and the industry, creating a venue for a wide exchange of ideas. New skill-developing and intellectual programs will be introduced as ChESSPh 2014 explores the opportunities found in collaboration of different viewpoints to converge on a unified chemical engineering.

Date: February 7 – February 9, 2014

Venue: University of the Philippines Diliman



February 7


ChE Career Paths Colloquium

Date: February 7, 2014

Venue: UP Diliman

In the Career Paths Colloquium, students are exposed to the different fields where chemical engineers can apply their knowledge whether it is in the academe or in the industry. This seminar will feature talks from fellow undergraduates with on-the-job training experiences and from fresh graduates recently employed in the chemical engineering field. Speakers will come from different fields such as food, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, aeronautics, hygiene and geothermal. The paths less taken in chemical engineering are highlighted in the seminar, opening up career choices for the students.


Kick-Off Dinner

Date: February 7, 2014

Venue: UP Diliman

Start the nexus in a night when the country’s chemical engineering undergraduates engage in an ecclesia, a kick-off party full of fun games, good food and more. The Chemical Engineering Student Summit Philippines2014 welcomes its participants, especially the provincial delegates, through this acquaintance dinner. The objective of the kick-off dinner is to get acquainted with one another, to foster inter-regional friendly relations, and to introduce the participants to the event organizers and sponsors.

February 8


Plant Visit

Date: February 8, 2014

Venue: Manufacturing Sites in Luzon

The Plant Visit is a whole day event where students tour various industrial plants around Luzon. This provides the materialization of the abstract chemical engineering unit operations and processes learned in the classroom. The students will be able to witness the working environment of a professional chemical engineer, encouraging a deeper appreciation for the chemical engineering operations.


Innovations Seminar

Date: February 8, 2014

Venue: UP Diliman

In Innovations Talk, undergraduate chemical engineering students are gathered to witness different awe-inspiring Filipino chemical engineering innovations. This seminar gives a glimpse of the emerging breakthroughs in various industries and how they came to be. In Innovations Talk, we meet the laudable pioneers of innovations in the country.


MisconChEptions And ChEconomics

Date: February 8, 2014

Venue: UP Diliman

MisConChEptions and ChEconomics are new seminars to be introduced Chemical Engineering Students Summit Philippines 2014.

MisconChEptions is a seminar for the younger chemical engineering students wherein common misconceptions about the chemical engineering field are identified and addressed. In ChEconomics, the economic side of chemical engineering is explored. The students will be taught the valuable skills and techniques useful in setting up a new business in the chemical engineering discipline.


Idea Generation Seminar

Date: February 8, 2014

Venue: UP Diliman

In Ideation Seminar, fourth and fifth year chemical engineering students will be immersed in an idea-generating seminar that can be used to guide the students in choosing their thesis and plant design topics. A special lecture on the intellectual property rights and patents will be also highlighted.


Green ChE

Date: February 8, 2014

Venue: UP Diliman

Green ChE is a new sub-event of the Chemical Engineering Students Summit Philippines. In this event, we identify and call attention to greener alternatives to the current processes and equipment used in the industry as well as in the heart of our homes. Green ChE aims to promote environmental awareness among chemical engineering students and to encourage them to live a healthier and greener lifestyle.

February 9


Corporate Talk And Career Workshop

Date: February 9, 2014

Venue: UP Diliman

The Corporate Talk is a seminar for the fourth and fifth year chemical engineering students. The students will be engaged in a discourse at a professional level. Meanwhile, this year’s Career Workshop will feature a talk on image building, a resume writing seminar, and a mock job interview for the graduating students.


ChE Grand Debate

Date: February 9, 2014

Venue: UP Diliman

In ChE Grand Debate, the students will witness a dialogue among environmentalists, government employees and professionals in the field of chemical engineering regarding a current issue relevant to our profession. Then, the students will have their turn on a different topic of debate. This sub-event aims to raise awareness concerning socially-relevant issues in the country and to form critical opinions as future chemical engineers. ChE Grand Debate is a good venue for sharing insights and opinions among the professionals in the industry and the academe and also among chemical engineering students.


Culminating Night

Date: February 9, 2014

Venue: UP Diliman

Top off the never-ending nexus with an awarding ceremony and a party that await the delegates to culminate the strengthened linkage of unified perspectives. We bid the Chemical Engineering Student Summit Philippines 2014 a hearty farewell in a joyous night of fun with newly found friends. Various special awards will be given away to the delegates.


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