God Knows Hudas Not Pay

Jeepney Manila was intended as a community blog where bloggers can get a chance to contribute their articles. It will be a repository of our best articles that we would like to share to the blogging community. Everyone, whether newbies, experts or veteran bloggers are allowed to have their articles a part of the community blog which we can all claim as our portfolio.

It is still in the works, and the URL we are using is just a temporary free site while we work on the domain name and hosting requirements. We are also still working on the site template and design. For the meantime, those who would like to share their articles as early as today may do so. We will then have it transferred to the domain name http://www.jeepneymanila.com soon.

We have not officially operated yet  but there are already detractors trying to put us down already.

I hate to jump into all sorts of conclusions, but one thing is sure, we were specifically mentioned so the attack was meant for yours truly….and the group I am recognized with.

Was it just a strategy of a third party who is now all grinning in the background because he or she made the blogging community retaliate against each other leaving the playing field all for themselves?

We are flattered that some groups are already making efforts to ruin us. It only means that we may be doing something quite threatening for them. They are either envious or afraid of what we may become. They are doing some form of sabotage.

Hindi pa man umaarangkada ay may mga humaharang na sa kanyang daanan.

Lubak-lubak man, mahaba ang trapik, o may nangingikil na kotong cops, patuloy na bibiyahe ang jeepney ng tropa. Abangan na rumatsada ang Jeepney Manila.

Malapit na malapit na.

It is pathetic that some people would resort to these despicable acts just to keep out the competition.

We would really like to know who is responsible for this horrible act. I also urge the techies out there to try and determine the source of the e-mail. We need to know who sent it or at least from where it was sent.

Sakay na at tayo ay rumatsada! 

Sakay na sa jeepney ng tropa!

Tayong lahat ay magiging “driver” at dadalhin natin ang ating mga “pasahero” sa isang kaaya-ayang paglalakbay tungo sa maraming destinasyon.

Ano pang hinihintay natin? 

Biyahe na!

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