RCC Amazing Touch: Herbal Cautery to Remove Warts, Moles and Other Skin Diseases

RCC Amazing Touch North EDSAI am very fortunate having experienced the alternative mode of treating warts, moles, skin tags and other skin problems using HERBAL cautery because it leaves NO SCARRING, relatively PAINLESS and AFFORDABLE as compared to other treatment modalities. This herbal cautery is non-invasive, no need for surgical procedures and anesthetics.

Last February 24, 2015, I tested the power of the RCC Amazing Touch Cream by applying it to my face with warts. The Dermtech of Rcc Amazing Touch did it for me, first she cleaned my face using the RCC toner then scratch the warts using sterile needle then finally applied small amount of RCC Amazing Cream to it. At first, it was so cool then after a while, I felt painful yet tolerable.

The Dermatological Assistant or Dermtech left the cream on my affected skin for about 15-20 minutes, I saw a little swelling on the treated skin afterwards. Then the color of my treated skin turned to dark brown, then red and finally turned black due to its cauterizing effect. It took me 3 days before the blemishes disappear and became flawless again without leaving any scar. Thank you RCC Amazing Touch for the magic.

RCC Amazing Touch North EDSA 2I want to share the brief history of this herbal cautery and the man behind this magic cream. According to Ms. Heizel Mainar, the editor-in-chief of the Amazing Touch magazine, the inventor unexpectedly burned the warts in his hands through the oil of the cashew nut. He was then a barber who wishes to give comfort and satisfaction to his customers by offering free warts removal using the cashew nut oil for free. Later on this humble barber became a multi-awarded inventor recognized not only here in the Philippines but also in abroad.

I believe in the saying that “We need to do our best and God will do the rest”. As a barber he did his best to satisfy his customers by offering free services like warts removal then. God eventually intervenes by making him known all over the globe.

RCC Amazing Touch North EDSA 1RCC Amazing Touch was established on March 13, 1997 and duly recognized by the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), RCC Amazing Touch International, INC. has now 24 branches located in major cities in the Philippines. The company, mainly established through absolute dedication of inventor RCC and his family, started off in a Tiangge stall in Greenhills, San Juan.

The inventor together with his eldest son, Mr Richard B. Dela Cruz, President of RCC Amazing Touch, would conduct the demonstration on how to use the cream for the warts/mole removal while his other children would give out flyers to passersby. The worth of their products cannot simply be ignored that customers soon noticed and started availing of the treatments. Congratulations to the inventor and his family.

From the bottom of my hypothalamus, thank you very much to our very own inventor Mr. Rolando C. Dela Cruz for sharing to us your priceless invention.

To my dear readers, what are you waiting for please visit their treatment centers now and experience the efficacy of the thrilling cream.

For inquiries, please call: (02) 366.7894 to 95 or (0922) 884.3130.


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    • Hello po. Meron po akong tinitinda na Kasoy cream.pwede po sa warts, syrigoma, moles, milia. Pwede niu po ako i add sa fb:Czerene Julia or mg send po kau ng inquiries sa email address q: jct2014.jm@gmail.com

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