Who’s Responsible for the “Maghihintay Ako – Manuel” Billboard at SLEX

SLEXHave you seen this huge billboard along SLEX?

You won’t miss it since it’s the only one out there at that certain location. The only clues we could see is the location namely EDSA Shangri-La hotel and the date of May 22, 2015…and oh yeah, there’s something like a photo on the billboard itself depicting someone writing on a diary.

The words “Maghihintay ako” means “I will be waiting.” Who is this Manuel and what is he waiting for, presumably on May 22 at EDSA Shangri-La Hotel.

Will there be a special occasion on the said date.?

Knowing the penchant of many companies to come out with teasers to provoke interests it is undoubtedly a marketing scheme to attract attention of the consumers. Am I right about this? I guess we would only find out on May 22 at the EDSA Shangri-La hotel.

Gosh! The meeting place is at a hotel so this must be big. Maybe it’s two lovers finally seeing each other again after a long time. Maybe they came from different countries. Maybe they are foreigners finally decided to retire in the Philippines.

They sure spent a lot just to send out a message. It’s no joke paying for such an advertisement. But when you are really in love, you’ll do everything just to win the other person’s mutual affection. I would also do the same if I had enough dough to spend.

Love is a many splendor thing …but wait…I’m not really sure if these are two lovers, and the guy is named Manuel. Why on Earth will he shout this out to many people unless he is not really sure where his target person is located. So this must be a search for another person. All I could do is guess…but maybe there will be more clues coming soon.


11 responses to “Who’s Responsible for the “Maghihintay Ako – Manuel” Billboard at SLEX

  1. I would love to think that it’s an individual declaring his undying love! But I’m sure it’s some kind of marketing promotion. ❤

  2. Maybe, Manuel is a famous personality and he is just using the name Manuel to his self for no one can know him

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