Health Cube Clinic Medical Check-Up

Health Cube Medical Check Up 1 Everyone deserves not only a happy but also a healthy life. This pushes me to go with my better half in Health Cube somewhere in Greenhills. At first, I was adamant to have my medical check up because I do not want to see a needle injection again. I went under Caesarian Section four times and promised to myself not to undergo any operation again. My husband was so persistent so I ended up at the Health Cube. I had no regrets because the Health Cube personnel were all accommodating and friendly. Health Cube Medical Check Up 2 The first thing that they did is to extract our blood for the Hematology. Then they asked us for urine samples for the Urinalysis. We received the results via email Health Cube with readings from Dr. Pamela delos Reyes, MD, DPSP and her Medical Technician, Francis Jonel Reguyal, RMT a few days after. We also got the Blood Chemistry and Enzymes test results from Dr. Pamela delos Reyes, MD, DPSP, the Pathologist, who did the interpretation with her Medical Technician, Beverly Hedriana-Glodove, RMT. I am glad that the result is normal. Health Cube Medical Check Up 3 They also took our weight and height before proceeding with the Chest X-Ray. Health Cube Medical Check Up 4 Thirdly, we also had the results for the Electrocardiogram (ECG). Thank you to the lady who did the test and also to Dr. Daniel Lipayon, M.D. for the medical interpretation. Lastly, the most exciting part of the examination, the Treadmill Stress Test. This was exciting because of the walking activity with the different tools connected to our body so they can read our heart beat rates, and the regular check-up of our blood pressure. Thank you to the nurse who assisted us and to Dr. Michael Joseph F. Agbayani, MD, FPCP, FPCC for the normal result. Too bad we were not able to take photos of ourselves running as it involved undressing our upper clothes and changing to their outfits so no one else was allowed to be there during the procedure. I would like to thank all those who did the tests for us. I can no longer recall your names but you are all remembered via your beautiful assets both in and out. A million thanks to all of you. Well, Health Cube is very much recommended to all our readers for your medical concerns. It is located in Basement 1 Promenade Building Greenhills Shopping Center with their telephone number 02- 650-1111. This is one of the best experiences that I had so far with regards to medical. From the bottom of my hypothalamus, I am very grateful to Health Cube for this one of a kind opportunity. May our Omniscient Father bless you hundredfold.


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