FILA’s 1st iSportlife Equestrian Cup

iSportlife Equestrian Cup 1FILA Philippines, the leading distributor and wholesaler of world-class sport shoes and apparel sponsored the 1st iSportlife Equestrian Cup held last February 28 at the West Polo Field, Makati City. There were four categories competed.

Nikki Aboitiz with her horse Mc Daddy dominated the first category 0.75 m class, followed by Serena with rider Vanna Severino , 2nd place and Katy Du Pasquier with rider Jan Sy, 3rd place. The other riders in the first category were Sofie Haresco, Alex Villalon and Christie Nair with their horses Bibi, Chivas and Snowy.

In the second category 0.90 m class, Odeon and Paola Lorenzo tandem gabbed the 1st place, followed by Laika D’ Archonfosse and Nikki Aboitiz, 2nd place, Gameboy and Toby Tensuan, got the 3rd place. The other riders with their horses were Anna Sison & Castellano, Yoshihiro Yoshida & Kevin, Gaby Herbosa & Sissi Dela Defliere, Jan Sy & Fast A Minuit and Xavi Virata & Upsilon.
iSportlife Equestrian CupThe highest jump in the third category 1.00 m class was displayed by Pablo De Robin with rider Lara Zobel, 1st; Gameboy with rider Toby Tensuan in second place and Noria du Causse with rider Ileanna Imperial in 3rd post. This category was also participated by the following riders and their horses: Ileanna Imperial & Ovation, Lillian Tang & Pettigo Dela Sapaie, Christia Flores & Constable, Gaby Herbosa & Sissi Dela Defliere, Anna Sison & Castellano, Jan Sy & Fast A Minuit, Yoshihiro Yoshida & Kevin, Xavi Virata & Payett Dela Sapaie and Nikki Aboitiz & Laika D’ Archonfosse.

iSportlife Equestrian Cup 3Azais De Sainte-Hermelle and rider Paola Lorenzo was judged the 1st winner in the fourth and final category 1.10 m class, followed by Noria Du Causse and rider Ileanna Imperial , 2nd place, Rubis and rider Lara Zobel got the 3rd place. Other participants in this category are the following riders and their horses: Christia Flores & Constable and Lillian Tang & Salta De Belleme.

iSportlife Equestrian Cup 2The following people played important roles in the said event: Ms. Marivic Vortes, judge; Mr. Jones Lanza, course builder and Mr. David Reynolds, announcer.

Equestrian involves ‘show jumping’ comprising of a timed event judged on the ability of the horse and rider tandem to jump over a series of obstacles, in a given order and with fewest refusals or knockdowns of portions of the obstacles.

Overall, the 1st iSportlife Equestrian Cup held in the country was a success through the sponsorship of FILA Philippines and the man behind iSportlife Inc., Mr. Buth Albert.

Contributed by Eden Concepcion


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