Daily Gourmet: Fabulous Monday to Friday Packed Meals

Daily GourmetIt is my utmost gratitude to Daily Gourmet for providing yours truly with food for the entire week (February 23-February 27, 2015) I would like to share the menu that daily gourmet prepared to suffice for the vitamins that I need every day. Monday, February 23 was our Educational Tour to Mt. Samat, Zoobic Safari and Duty Free. Daily Gourmet’s industrious rider delivered my food in our school. You know, my food still looks fresh when I arrived home. It was amazing-that’s the spirit of this food company.
My first day menu- breakfast, I have Pumpkin Pancake. I usually love pancake, in fact, my family used to eat every weekend, after a long tiring school days. We used to have some bonding moments by simply eating our favourite pancakes. I thought the pancake that I usually prepared for my family is enough, for them to get their every day nutrients. Until I had tasted the Pumpkin Pancake of Daily Gourmet, which is different in the sense that its texture, looks and taste are somewhat enchanting. My lunch is composed of Grilled Fish with Roasted Corn Relish Garlic Red Rice. For the first time , I ate this very little but satisfying meal and it was sufficient and even during snack, I am still full. My snack was Detox Juice and Apple Fritter Rings. Detox Generation Brave Heart is a juice drink to protect our heart. This detox juice pineapple contains bromelain which reduces the chances of having a heart disease. This is also rich in vitamin A, beta-carotene, vitamin-C and Vitamin-K which makes our bones stronger. This also curbs our cravings for sweets and fatty foods which, in turn, help us to lose or to maintain weight. My dinner was Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich. “It does not matter how slowly we go as long as we do not stop.”
My second day menu- my breakfast was Pesto Bread, lunch was Lemon Rosemary Chicken Thigh Garlic Red Rice, and snacks were Detox Juice with Garlic Fries. Detox Generation Super Green is high in fiber and low in carbohydrates. This aids in weight loss and speeds our metabolism. Avocados contain more potassium than bananas and this mineral supports healthy blood pressure level. My dinner was Bacon Cheese Burger Pasta. “Don’t watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going.”

My third day menu- my breakfast was Baked Egg Cups, lunch was Fish Roll-up Garlic Red Rice and my snacks were Detox Juice and Chocolate-Chip Cookies. Detox Generation Flu Fighter contains Vitamin C which helps increase our bodies’ resistance to coughs and colds. It also helps regulate our blood pressure and reduce cholesterol level which is very good for our immune system. It cleanses our kidney and liver. Drink Detox Juice regularly and you will expect less bloating. My dinner was Caesar Salad Supreme. “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible to the visible. “
My fourth day menu- my breakfast was Baked Ham and Cheese Egg, lunch was Pork Afritada Steamed Red Rice, snacks were Detox Juice with Tuna Lettuce-Carrot Wrap and my dinner was Grilled Chicken Spaghetti Marghuerita. Detox Generation Energize is used as fuel for our muscles. Papaya is a natural laxative and it helps regulate the function of our digestive system. There were small seeds in this detox juice called chia seeds which contains more Omega-3 than Salmon. Chia seeds lower the risk of heart disease and they were loaded with antioxidants and protein. Jump high start our day with this energy booster detox drink. “Pursue one great decisive aim with force and determination.”
My fifth and last menu were breakfast- Banana-Chocolate French Toast, lunch was Easy Baked Fish fillet Garlic Red Rice, snacks were Detox Juice with Fruit Salad and my dinner was Waldorf Salad. Detox Generation Romantic Red contains watermelon which is rich in lycopene that helps to minimize risks of strokes and other ailments. Since this is rich in water, it has very few calories but is able to supple energy to our body. Ginger is another ingredient of this juice which strengthens our immunity and serves as prevention to colds and flu. “Things do not happen, things are made to happen.”
I would like to thank Ms. Yvette of Daily Gourmet for continuously preparing food not only for the outside satisfaction but also in the inside- our health. Our health is always our wealth. Thank you for coming up with this kind of easy, convenient and nutritiously balanced diet for all ages. May God bless you hundredfold for sharing your talents, masterpiece and treasure to everyone.

Daily Gourmet is a newly-opened business which started on December 1, 2014, aims to help people change their lifestyle by providing them healthy meals. They don’t deprive their clients from eating delicious foods because they want us to enjoy while going on with our diet program. Aside from their calorie-counted meals, they also have their own cold-pressed detox juice included in the package which they called Detox Generation. It is made up of fresh fruits and vegetables. With Daily Gourmet, you are not just losing weight but you are cleansing your body as well. They’re also planning to release their detox juice packages as it now becomes the crowd’s favorite and many are inquiring about it.
These are the meal plans available:
1200 calories – P1800
1500 calories – P2100
1800 calories – P2500
All for 5 days inclusive of the delivery, breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and detox juice. Extra charge will apply for food restrictions such as no pork, no beef, no rice, etc.
They also provide meal plan according to the required calorie intake of their clients.
You may visit their page for the list of covered areas and delivery schedules.
Instagram: @dailygourmetdelivery
SMS/Viber: 0917 518 8551

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