BGC Eats: A Food Tour Date with Chef JJ Yulo

BGC Eats bus tourWe thought the Bonifacio Global City (BGC) was just a place for many high-rising structures housing numerous offices of many companies from both local and foreign businessmen and entrepreneurs, but we were surprised that the city has also become a food hub where many restaurants and food spots have also mushroomed.

The BGC Eats 2014 food tour hosted by Chef JJ Yulo was a really sumptuous date every foodie will love. We went around the BGC area hopping from one restaurant to the next, and most of them were quite new for us especially the last leg of the tour where we got to meet a very popular personality whom we learned is a partner of the restaurant.

I guess you could say we were overwhelmed seeing a celebrity in our midst since we expected to dine and experience only some food delights. The food stops were never announced in advance so imagine how surprised we were every time we stopped by a particular restaurant. All the stops were a feast to all the senses.

BGC Eats Salo 0 BGC Eats Salo 2 BGC Eats Salo 3 BGC Eats Salo 4 BGC Eats Salo 5 BGC Eats Salo

It’s traveling with style on the BGC bus and heading over places like the Salo where they serve very Filipino food at an affordable price.  

BGC Eats Yummy Soy 0 BGC Eats Yummy Soy 1 BGC Eats Yummy Soy 2 BGC Eats Yummy Soy

Then passed by Yummy Soy where we delighted ourselves to a sample of soya flavored “taho” treats.

BGC Eats SuZhou BGC Eats SuZhou 0 BGC Eats SuZhou 1 BGC Eats SuZhou 2 BGC Eats SuZhou 3 BGC Eats SuZhou 4 BGC Eats SuZhou 5 BGC Eats SuZhou 6 BGC Eats SuZhou 7

Next stop was at at Suzhou for plenty of Chinese delicacies where even had a fortune cookie as a bonus treat.

BGC Eats Phat Pho BGC Eats Phat Pho 0 BGC Eats Phat Pho 1 BGC Eats Phat Pho 2

We then proceeded to the Phat Pho for a taste of Vietnamese cuisine. That second to the last stop was met with rain though.

BGC Eats Crisp on 28th BGC Eats Crisp on 28th 0 BGC Eats Crisp on 28th 1 BGC Eats Crisp on 28th 2 BGC Eats Crisp on 28th 3 BGC Eats Crisp on 28th 4 BGC Eats Crisp on 28th 5 BGC Eats Crisp on 28th 6 BGC Eats Crisp on 28th 7

Lastly, a celebrity by the name of Erwan Heusaff (brother of Solenn Heusaff and boyfriend of Anne Curtis Smith) ended our day with flavorful dishes from Crisp on 28th. No rain was strong enough to put our day into a gloomy ending. I guess they intended to make the last stop really memorable. They never anticipated the rain, but all that dark and wet weather was replaced with sunshine when that young actor brought smiles in our faces. Not only because he was good looking, but their food were simply delish.

You’ll be enamored with the many possibilities of dining experiences at BGC. There are a lot of places to go where you can enjoy great food with the perfect ambiance to relax and enjoy your day. BGC eats was successful in enlightening us to the many potential hang-outs to have a wonderful day with your loved ones. They say the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and BGC was able to enter through our hearts by filling our tummies with such awesome meals.


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