PHTRAMS-Vitangcol Group May Not Know What They Have in Their Hands

MRT-3The train mishap last week, where another train was bumped to the side since they thought it was the best way to rescue the passengers, is the latest in a long line of accidents for the MRT3.  The appointment to the PHTRAMS-Vitangcol is a big mistake and it can be attributed to the fact that DOTC ignored the warning by the MRTC to bid out the maintenance contract.  It is wrong to have the MRT3 in the hands of a group that only has 5000 pesos in total capitalization as I would not want to ride the train when I find that out.  They get handed out a 45 million per month contract to the surprise of many including themselves.  They should not have accepted the contract if they don’t know what they are getting themselves into as the people would be the one to suffer as accidents would normally occur.

DOTC Secretary Abaya actually said “Riding is a personal decision. I won’t go of my way to convince peope to ride the MRT.” It sure was a rude thing to say considering he does not really take the MRT.  Everyone knows he rides luxury cars to work each day of the week so it is something he rarely experiences. He must realize not all people have luxury cars like him.  He should have said he will do his best in ensuring the accident won’t happen again in the future.  There are no guarantees something similar would be prevented though so he is basically saying the people who ride the MRT are risking their lives.  The DOTC are the ones at fault here so Abaya should consider hiring a better staff to surround him or he should really do a better job.  If they don’t do a better job, then it would ruin the reputation of the country.


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