SONA 2014: PNoy Fails to Address Philippine-China Conflict?

Aquino at SONA

President Aquino addressed a lot of topics during his 2014 SONA.  However, one topic he failed to go deep into is the Philippine-China sea territorial conflict.  He did manage to brag about the new military acquisitions which could be an indirect threat against the Chinese.

One reason he did not go deep into that is because he has some Chinese blood in him as if that wasn’t obvious by now.  There may be a bunch of new military equipment on hand but only time will tell if that will scare off the Chinese.  The Chinese people have no mercy so I doubt that will threaten them in any way.

If the Chinese were listening to the speech, it probably got them angry that they were not even mentioned.  Paul Lee’s free throws probably angered them even more.  On a serious note, the President should have mentioned that issue as it is something a lot of Filipinos are really following.

There is a possibility the President would want this conflict to carry over the next term so that whoever gets voted in as the next President would have to handle this issue.  It is not enough that the President tells everyone that they got some new military equipment since he did not actually tell everyone how the equipment is going to be used.  Maybe he just wanted to mention the people who were behind the makings of the equipment.  Maybe Aquino would learn from that mistake and address this conflict in his last SONA.

For President Aquino, it was not an issue worth tackling.  He could end up making a big mistake as the Chinese don’t like it when they are overlooked.  Shouldn’t he already know that though since he has some Chinese blood in him? It could be too late by the time he realizes that.


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