PNoy’s Never Ending Appeal for DAP

Noynoy Aquino

It looks like President Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” Aquino III won’t give up on appealing the Supreme Court’s ruling on DAP being unconstitutional anytime soon.  It obviously has something to do with the Cojuangcos and Aquinos benefitting from it.  Whatever the case may be, he is criticizing the Supreme Court for considering the legal basis of DAP.  He says that they did not look into how they spend the funds so they have no right to say that it is unconstitutional.  President Aquino does have a point there so the Supreme Court must act quick in having someone investigate where the money goes to.  I am not sure whether or not President Aquino would want that to happen.

It appears as if President Aquino is pretty confident in the fact that the DAP was used for the Filipino people and not for corrupt government officials.  He continues to insist that the DAP is entirely different from PDAF. F or those unaware, PDAF is responsible for the arrest of three senators and the jailing of Janet Lim Napoles, the alleged mastermind of this entire scheme.  If Aquino is open for the Supreme Court investigating where exactly the funds of DAP go to then that is good news for the Filipino people.  However, only time will tell on when we find out whether or not President Aquino is telling the truth or not.

President Aquino only has 2 years remaining on his term so he does not want to go out in a bad way.  It would not do any good to the candidate of the administration for the 2016 elections.  Mar Roxas could be the candidate of the administration and that is President Aquino’s best friend.  It would put a damper on their friendship if Aquino does something to hurt his reputation now.  He should just let the decision of the Supreme Court go.


2 responses to “PNoy’s Never Ending Appeal for DAP

  1. The President was very confident for this DAP thing, I think he has the positive documents to fall back into this mess. Because he kept on insisting to the SC and to the Filipino people. But the thing is it’s very lax on his part to do this fund to what he likes in every programs he administered. There must be check and balances when it comes to government money.

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