Richer Than Ever: Money Expo 2014


A lot of people were dreaming to be successful one day. Whether we admit it or not, being rich is included in every person’s definition of success. But how can we really be rich? Does it takes a lot of time, a lot of effort or a lot of money to be your capital. Does it require age, gender or nationality? Do we have the capability as a Filipino of being rich.



In the event that happened last Saturday December 7,2013. Mr. Shyan Lim and Mr. Amar Chandnani tackled different wrong doings in handling money which may lead to tons of debts and no savings. In the said seminar we were taught on how to handle money well. We were taught on how to start up and take steps in becoming rich. They taught us that rich people always save money. Sometimes in order to be rich you have to distinguish and balance your wants and real needs.


In the said expo we were also taught about stock market. Different strategies on how to deal with it and different ways on how to join. There are also signs shared on how you would know whether you’ll buy or sell your shares. Different techniques are also shared on how to choose where to invest.


Honestly at first I think that event would just like an ordinary seminars like some of what I’ve attended before but I am really thankful because when I heard that the guests speakers were really great my attention was really captured and my desire to start up my own business was really brought up.


 I want to be successful someday, I want to be rich. Richer than ever and because of that I did make sure that every details and strategies they utter are well processed by my mind and was taken down at my notebook.


Well I admit I also enjoyed their raffles and freebies but as what Mr. Amar said that the most important thing we could get in that seminar was the lessons and strategies gained , freebies and other tokens are just bonuses


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