Abra is New Endorser of Torque

Abra, the teen rap singer, is now the product endorser and brand ambassador of Torque. Introduced during a media launch, Abra states that he is proud to be the endorser because he is fascinated on how Torque smartphones and tablets are filled with features that are very useful in both communication and entertainment.

Torque is celebrating also its 5th year and has introduced a more powerful product lineup with gadgets that are enhanced for entertainment. We can now go beyond calling and sending SMS with video and music capable gadgets at very affordable prices.

New models are very powerful and useful because they all have dual SIM capability, FM radio, video camera, multimedia player and expandable memory up to 32 Gb.

Certain models like the DTV15, even has built-in mobile TV.

Torque has also beefed up the Droidz series where some are now running using a Quad core processor.

Customers can choose either 3.5″ or 5.5″ screens.





Fore more details, please check out the official website of Torque : http://www.torque.ph


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