Rants Versus Rants : The Latest Craze That Surpassed the Popularity of Plants Versus Zombies

Rants Vesrus Rants

“I keep telling myself “Don’t let anybody tell you that you’re doing things all wrong when you know that things are doing great for you. If you listened to the others telling you to hold back and keep a low profile, you wouldn’t be enjoying the perks and benefits right now.”

Yeah, there may be some hiccups along the way but that’s normal for a struggling noobie whose adventure along unpredictable paths has just began. One thing for sure is that I’m headed to only one direction and on my way to a brighter future – and nobody can stop me no matter how hard they try!!!”

Ironically, those who are saying that it is not a good trait to rant online are the ones who also rant against fellow bloggers. They don’t even have the guts to identify themselves and hiding behind an “Anonymous” identity.  We are not asking them to side with a fellow blogger, we are asking them to hear us out first before coming up with conclusions.

Wazzup Pilipinas was ranting against an establishment that tried to go cheap-O with bloggers, but there’s this group of bloggers that are now ranting against Wazzup Pilipinas, and also trying to humiliate the bloggers associated with the blog or community. We must announce that the bloggers invited to the event had no knowledge of any of the arrangement between Wazzup Pilipinas and the owners of the establishment. These bloggers should not be dragged along with the issue.


Sadly, these detractors never even tried to hear the side of Wazzup Pilipinas and just relied on the said “vicious post” of Wazzup Pilipinas, and may be heard “one-sided” comments, hearsay and rumors. Some of them even mentioned the issue on their own blogs, probably to gain more attention, or to really make Wazzup Pilipinas look bad.

Wow! Talk about joining the bandwagon to get some attention.

Soem of the are saying that these could all have been settled amicably, yet they seem to lack the initiative to settle these issue against Wazzup Pilipinas amicably themselves.

There is a new online game that’s gaining popularity and even overlapping the fame of “Plants versus Zombies”, and its being called by a fellow blogger as “Rants versus Rants”.

“Have you heard about the latest craze that just surpassed the popularity of Plants vs Zombies?

It’s the non-sense called “Rants vs Rants” – Astig Machismis


Wazzup Pilipinas official statement: Blogs were supposed to share the real score, the real sentiments, the real facts, the real experiences. We should be able to “rant” if we were displeased, the same way we “rave” if we were pleased, with a person, product or service – or even an establishment.

Now with regards to how blogging should be done: We all have our own style because we are all unique individuals. No one has the authority to declare what is the proper way to blog, including us. Everything we all grew up with were all man-made rules and guidelines.

So to all those who think of themselves a better “league” of bloggers. You are better off to be called “boogers”.

Why? Because you try to clog with accumulated dirt  the nose that keeps the host breathing and alive.


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