The Last Feast in Six Batch!

Last August 30, 2013, we’ve experienced a spectacular Pistang Pinoy Ever! Pistang Pinoy is an annual celebration of Buwan ng Wika in Pasig City Science High School. This event is where the students wear different kinds of Filipino dresses, foods, and also the practice of hospitality. There’s also an awarding ceremony where all the winners were given medals, prize or even gratitude for being the winner. It’s not just a competition but an experience that we will never forget. The fun, the happiness, the love and also the bonding moments we had.
Many activities were given to us to show our talents and skills, one of this is the Balagtasan. Where our representatives won in this competition, it’s not only their happiness. But also our happiness because we’ve won in one of the Filipino Month Activities. For me, I’m really happy that I’m able to be part of IV-Berzelius, a section of champions.

We brought different Filipino foods. Here are some of them.:

Pinoy food

We’ve also accept visitors in the way of Filipino, of course. Being hospitable is the best thing that we had, that’s the most thing other countries and foreigners like about us. Hospitality is  the friendly reception and treatment of guests or strangers. This symbolize of being hospitable.

It’s eating time, we ate our delicious foods. We all know that Filipino use to eat with their bear hands. So, we do it to show to others what Filipinos actually do before utensils were form. It’s not dirty to eat with your bear hands but a experience that we’ve never experienced now. Here, we had a chance to eat with our bear hands to show that were proud to eat with our hands and to be a Filipino. This is our wonderful picture.


Lastly, the bonding moments of UnbelievaBerz (IV-Berzelius). Though, we don’t win in all Filipino activities. We’re happy that we’ve experience this thing. It may be the last but it’s just a beginning of true friendship of us. This may be our last Pistang Pinoy but we’re happy to enjoy every second, minute and hour we are together. I’m happy that I’m part of this section and that I can proudly say that we are united in our own way.

Happy Pistang Pinoy Six Batch! 🙂

Contributed by Kay Sabordo


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