Not Just Any Fiesta, it’s Pistang Pinoy, the PaScian Style

Pistang Pinoy a


Many of us Filipinos like celebrating special occasions like fiesta. We PaScians also celebrate a fiesta during the month of August and we call it the “PISTANG PINOY”.

Pistang Pinoy is a yearly celebration being held in our school, and we students are always excited for this kind of special events. Usually, we celebrate pistang pñinoy because we want to show that we are proudly Filipinos. It’s like a simple way of showing that we are united not only as students of PCSHS but also as citizens of our nation.


So how do we celebrate it? Here’s how:

1.) We wear Filipino dresses and clothes such as ‘Barong’ and ‘Kamiso’ for men and ‘baro’t saya’ and ‘filipiña’ for women.
2.) We cook and prepare Filipino delicacies.
3.) We have fun!

But for me, this year is the best celebration of Pistang Pinoy I ever had, because we after we ate, our batch prepared a lot of fun and excitement for everyone. We had games and karaokes for us to enjoy, and I admit that I really enjoyed those activities! We got tired, we got dirty, but it is all worth it  because we made our last Pistang Pinoy memorable.

I’m hoping that we can do activities like this again someday, and I hope that this will not be the last “Pistang Pinoy” that i will celebrate. Hep, Hep, Hoooray 🙂
Contributed by: Isaiah Caballero


Pistang Pinoy f

Pistang Pinoy b

Pistang Pinoy c

Pistang Pinoy d

Pistang Pinoy e


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