Last Pistang Pinoy and Aerodance : A Day to Remember

Aerodance 1 pics
There are many things happened for the month of August 2013 like the “Pistang Pinoy” and the “Aerodance Competition ’13”. Since I am a 4th year student (senior) I don’t want to miss this kind of events which will be my last as a 4th year student. Even though this is our last “Pistang Pinoy” and our last “Aerodance Competition ’13” , I will not forget it because these events helped our section (IV- COPERNICUS) in becoming to be close to one another because just like in our practice for the Aerodance Competition, we tend to grow some closer bonds or closer ties with one another.
Aerodance 2 pics
All I can say for this year’s “Pistang Pinoy” is that this is the best Pistang Pinoy ever! The Supreme Student Government (SSG) Officers planned on what games the seniors will play. All I can say is that the Supreme Student Government is very successful for making seniors very happy and they just made the “Pistang Pinoy”  an enjoyable and a best one.
Because the Pistang Pinoy is very successful, many positive feed backs came from my fellow seniors and I hope that this will be a good start for all of the seniors to become close to one another. I hope that the next programs or events that will happen this school year will also be successful as the “Pistang Pinoy”.
Aerodance 3 pics
Now, let’s talk about our “Aerodance Competion ’13”. Just like the “Pistang Pinoy”, I can’t forget on what happened in the Aerodance Competition, because it also became successful and really enjoyable. Every contestants in this competition practiced very hard in this competition since this will be the last for seniors. Every contestants performed their best for this competition and I think that this activity is not about winning but for me it is about the spirit of teamwork, faith in each other’s best and the spirit of enjoyment. While we are about to perform I said to myself that all I need is to enjoy this competition and keep smiling. And after all of the contestants are done with their performances for “Aerodance Competition ’13”, they already came up with the final results. I know that our section did the best that we can and  I know that we all trust each other and the important thing here is to enjoy. But we didn’t expect that we will be the one of the runners-up. Yes, that’s right, our section (IV- Copernicus) just won the 3rd place and all I can feel that time is that I can’t explain it. My heart is filled with so much happiness that time and I can’t sleep after that competition.
I hope that this school year will be very successful in terms of this activities. I hope that this will be a wonderful start for all of the Seniors. I am looking forward for more unforgettable activities.
Contributed By: Belle Angelica Rolle

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