Greatest August


I consider the months August and September as my favorite months because of the fact that there is always an activity on our school and class suspensions is always present especially in the month of September. The 1st quarter ended last August so I’m glad that it ended because it is the longest and slowest quarter for me. Also, the month of September is the start of the “Ber months” which means that Christmas is only a few months away! Anyway, here’s what happened to me in the months of August and September.

Happy Birthday

Everyone celebrates their birthdays, right? But another memorable birthday aside from mine and my family’s was our beloved adviser’s, Ms. Carl (even though that I forgot the date of her birthday. Lol). I consider her as our second parent and we are lucky to be placed under Ms. Carl despite our loquacious and unorganized side.

For me, being a teacher is hard because as a student we tend to forget what they taught and their reminders. They have to deal with naughty students and they are blamed if some students were not able to understand the lesson.

I respect our teachers and Ms. Carl is my favorite because she gets along with us. These past few months, I have learned a lot from her and she is the inspiration of our section. She was there when we are singing for our Likhang Awit and she supported us by instructing us what to do. Winning as the third best classroom in fourth year was made possible because of her.

Pistang Pinoy

Last August 30, we had our Pistang Pinoy celebration held in our school namely Pasig City Science High School. My experience about our Pistang Pinoy was worth remembering because of the activities held by the SSG, the ice cream stall that roams around the second floor, the foods catered by the twins, bonding with my fellow Dabarkads, and doing some things that we weren’t supposed to do. >:) For me, this is the best Pistang Pinoy that I ever had.


During the weekends of August, I experienced how a facilitator should work. I had the responsibility to wake up early during weekends so that I can attend the facilitators’ meeting together with our team leader and to broaden my knowledge about programming. Being a facilitator is harder than a typical Robotics student because we have to learn earlier and have to help our classmates understand the discussion since our teacher has not been oriented during last summer.

For me, these by far, are the best months of my senior life so far. I hope that I’ll enjoy the next months because after 6 months, we are going to graduate from our school.

Contributed by Daniel Nunez


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