Everything Was Worth It

We rise


 High school. It is a time of our live where we learn many things. It is a time that everyone should not miss. It is a time we broaden our knowledge in everything we do.


We learned to live, laugh, and love. Our feelings are developed and discover something and the call it “Puppy love”. We met new friends but not all friends we met are real.

High school is great challenge for all of us. We face academic challenges. We can’t get away or leave it all behind. We also encounter emotional problems like being rejected in courtship process, being back-stabbed by a friend and others.

As a science high school student, I experienced a lot more than a normal high school student. I don’t belittle normal public or private high schools but we encounter more problems, trials, and hardships. We are said to be under pressure academically but still we managed to breathe under this pressure. We have to be surviving this pressure because if we don’t, we might not meet expectations of people around us.

We sometimes fail but we have to get up and make sure to succeed to the second time around. I, as a science high school student, I don’t mind all the pressure on me and expectations of other people. All I do is what I think is my best and just live my life to the fullest.




Wrapping it all up, being a high school is a part of our lives that we should not miss because we learn not only academically but also emotionally and spiritually. Everything spent and every time wasted was worth it.

It doesn’t matter if we fall down and fail. Together with our friends. And classmates. We will rise up.

No one in this world is perfect. Everyone commits mistakes. Here’s a tip. We commit mistakes and we should learn something about it. We learned something and we should apply it. As we apply this lesson I’m sure that there would be a good outcome.

Contributed by: Evian Thor E. Pizarro


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