August Is A Ber(z) Month


At first, I thought that my section, Berzelius, was going to be the same with my last year’s section. Eighteen of my current classmates were my classmates during third year and eight of them are my classmates during second year. I thought that there will be a boundary line between my classmates during third year and my new classmates. But first impressions never last.

Last August, there are so many things that happened. There were lots of home works, projects, reporting, suspension of classes, and of course, activities. This month, we had an aerodance competition, where all 4th year sections participated.

We had trauma during 3rd year when we performed our dance and only few (or none) cheered us. So we make sure that someone, if not everyone will cheer us. We do not want to waste our efforts again. Fortunately, we won. We are the champions, and we are very thankful for that.





This month is also the “Filipino Month”, when we relive and revive our culture as Filipinos. There were contests in Pick-up Lines, Talumpatian, Maunawang Pagbasa, Sabayang Pag-awit, Balagtasan, and Pamilyang Pilipino.

Unfortunately, I was chosen as one of the contestants in Balagtasan. I guess they have no choice. I said that I will just do my part, and let Leira and Cherry do the work. We made some modifications to the piece, making it more modern and more unique. And then surprisingly, we are the champions, again.

Aside from Balagtasan, we also got first place in Pamilyang Pilipino. We did it by designing our room and having a festive mood in our class. We also have uniform costumes, showing the unity in our section. But the unity is not only on our section, but also in the whole batch. There are games that are prepared by the SSG. All in all, it was a great day.

Well, as one of the music in our aerodance said, “Who run the world? Berz!”. We thank all of the teachers who supported us, especially our adviser, Mr. Ronald Dumapias. Ber months are approaching, and we are hopeful that these awards are not the last. We are hopeful that Ber months are also Berz months.

Written by John Julius Santos


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