AeroDance Competition: 3rd Place Copernicus

Copernicus 1
IV-Copernicus, our class, won third place in Aerodance competition last August 18, 2013.
We didn’t expect to win, because each of the other six sections is really excellent.
Before performing we experienced different ups and downs. We also face different challenges like; first, we had a hard time to schedule our practices due to many reasons. Second, I and my classmates sometimes don’t understand each other, which would eventually turn to misunderstandings and disagreements. We almost give up and try to surrender.
Copernicus 3
Copernicus 4
Copernicus 2
Copernicus 5
But after all of these we just held on each others hand and we learned how to stay strong and to be always as one. We’ve also had most of our time in laughing, enjoying and bonding with each other.
And when the emcee announced us to be 3rd, we can’t help but to jump and cheer because of joy.
I would never forget this once in a lifetime experience.
Contributed by : Sherilyn Piñon

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