A Fiesta to Remember

Pistang Pinoy Raquel Germinal 1

Loving one’s own country is closely associated with patriotism. Patriotism is a loyal feeling which one has about his own country. One must have a deep and passionate loyal feeling about his country. One of these feelings of one man in a country is upsurge and unhonored. The feeling has kindled many dormant nations into actions. Like what our school always had, a so called ‘Pistang Pinoy’. In this occasion we are showing what the cultures of each Filipino family are. Like being plentful in other people. Though we have our Pistang Pinoy in previous years. It seems that this year is a remarkable fiesta happened in my life.

Pistang Pinoy Raquel Germinal 2

Of course in every fiesta we know that food is the prominent fickle. Because as far as I know, we Filipinos love to eat. In our Pistang Pinoy even we’re not allowed to bring exorbitant food, we still manage to bring those. Because for us having this kind of event or much I say a bonding to each and everyone comes only in one fell swoop.

Pistang Pinoy Raquel Germinal 3

Together with my classmates at Berzelius we had a wondrous boodle fight. Our supportive adviser also joins us in our mini boodle fight.

Pistang Pinoy Raquel Germinal 4

Also in this kind of event it’s our privilege to be happy. In order to have a good one we do some things that will make us enjoy the moment. Like what we have done we had a little Karaoke Caravan at IV-Marx. With our fellow batch mate we sing together like there’s no tomorrow with some of our awesome teachers.

Pistang Pinoy Raquel Germinal 5

Furthermore we have our Palarong Pinoy at 2nd floor of PCSHS. With the help of our SSG Officers who supervise peacefully the games.  And the cryptic ice cream of sixth batch! Which we hide from the guards in order toto” alt=”” style=”text-align:start”>to have it. But of course we were rebuke by the guards and suddenly we were allowed to have it. Thanks to them.

Pistang Pinoy Raquel Germinal 6

As of the moment I just hate to reminisce these things. This pictures and memories we shared. Because I know that someday we may not do this together again, people. Maybe we will have our own businesses, missions to accomplish and goals to pursue. We may not have time to have this all over again.

Pistang Pinoy Raquel Germinal 7

And lastly, I would like to thank those people who became a part of my ‘Fiesta to Remember. Our dear teachers, fellow Pascian, batch mates and classmates who made this Pistang Pinoy a striking fiesta. And of course to our Lord who always there to guide us to wield this event and in our life. Just one wish will completely fathom my heart, I hope that this event will not doff in our school. Because for me it’s a culture of our Alma Mater that may personify how we love our country.

Contributed by Raquel Germinal


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