A Competition to Remember

picture 5

Winning is not about the medals or trophies you’ve got, it’s not about fame or the credits that you’ve earned. Winning is all about the good memories you’ve made. Memories which you could treasure until your last breath. It’s all about the friends, or new family you’ve made. New family that neither medals nor cash can replace.

picture 1

Last August 18, 2013 there’s an event happened. An event that made each and every sections of 4th year at Pasig City Science High School compete with each other. Event which made every sections united. Last August 18, 2013 , Aero Dance competition happened.


picture 2

Aero dance competition is a contest in which you will choose or remix your own songs, make an aerobic dance steps out of it, and perform it well to the crowd.


picture 3


All of us were determined to bring home the bacon. All of us surely did our best. Each and every one of us even the people who never danced gave their best dance so that they can to win.


picture 4

 Although we didn’t got the first place because IV-Berzelius got it, 2nd place because IV-Lewis got it we were still happy cause we’ve got the 3rd place. 3rd place which gave meaning to the hardships of our section.

Although not everybody got a place. I still think that all of us were winners. Winners because we enjoyed and were still able to compete, coordinate and show our talents to everyone.

Contributed by Jimelle Garcia


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