6th Laguna Drive Tour Caravan on September 21

aap travel laguna

AAP Travel in partnership with the Department of Tourism (DOT) is staging its 6th Drive Tour Caravan in Laguna on September 21, 2013. With the theme “Laguna Drive Tour Caravan: A road trip to Philippines cradle of crafts and natures enchanting wonders” our caravanning program aims to promote domestic tourism and at the same time serve as a family-bonding weekend activity for AAP members and friends. It informs and educates its participants not only on the historical and cultural aspects of the place but on various products; innovations and practices that makes the place prosper.

The Laguna tour will take the AAP convoy to the enchanting beauty of Sitio de Amor in San Pablo a multi hectare farm rich with impressive shrubberies, ornate vines and a selection of rare plants. It will be followed by the century old Underground Cemetery of Nagcarlan which was built by the Franciscan missionaries. At lunch time, travellers will nestle in the quaint town of Liliw located in the foothills of Mt. Banahaw, also famous for its export quality footwear. Another must see is the town of Pila. It is rich in cultural remnants and is dotted with houses which date back the early American period. Lastly the caravan will visit the town of Los Baños where the International Rice Research (IRRI) and the Makiling Botanical Garden are located.
The past caravans were highly participated by foreign ambassadors and media. They were very pleased to experience how to be welcomed and serenaded by the different communities and feel like one of the locals by engaging in the activities and by tasting the native foods.
In this regard, AAP Travel would like to invite you to join us them in their caravan. If you are interested to join feel free to call our office at 5510014, 5510025 look for Maricel or Kat.

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