Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs

emerging influential blogs 2013

Who defines what an influential blog is? Is it the number of hits or views that they get everyday, or is it the number of events that they get invited to?

For whatever reason, I believe everyone can be influential. All they need is an opportunity to shine and be recognized. I therefore am now here to recognize the blogs that I believe are influential.

Here are my top ten emerging influential blogs for 2013.

Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs for 2013:

We have patterned the requirements for the votes for our chosen top ten based on the 

There are quite a number of great new blogs out there but here are our ten (10) chosen ones

1. WazzupPilipinas.com
It is no doubt gained a footing in being an influential blogger as it has accomplished several milesstones in its few months of being a blog. Not every blog out there is partnered with the Department of Tourism. Not every blog out there partners with great events and have their logo posted on huge tarps and billboards already. This community blog has truly made a mark for many bloggers as it has created several blogger events already open to even newbie bloggers giving everyone an opportunity to be recognized.
2.Barako News

Anything and everything under the sun news. I’ve even read stories about showbiz and issues outside the country. It’s like an online magazine filled with interesting news that could help me get updates on what is happening in and out of the country.
3.iWander. iExperience.iKwento

Travel blogs have been a favorite especially when it comes fresh and alive with great stories and pictures to match. RJ or Jay-Ar really makes it sound interesting when I read all about his blogs. Very pleasant and easy to read.

Gadget bloggers have proliferated but this blog is owned and managed by such a young individual based in Cebu. He is from Cebu but he has articles of what is happening in Manila. How? He sends in correspondents based in Manila to attend events for him, and manages to review gadgets with the help of his Manila-based contacts.
5.Jeepney Manila –

I am voting for the Jeepney Manila blog because I believe it can be iconic and a great idea if given attention. The Jeepney is a national icon of the Philippines and you’ll be able to recognize it as purely Filipino. It will be a great theme to pursue and maintain to represent the Philippines through this blog.

6.Jay – http:/

There is no doubt his blogs is made up of excellent photos or images because he is a great photographer. I’ve even heard he had a photo exhibit with friends and colleagues,a nd have seen his works posted in newspapers both online and print version. That makes some great reason why you should anticipate watching our for his next blog article. Expect great photos every post.

7.If You Look Closely, Stu Traveled!

He is still a student from the University of the Philippines Los Banos in Laguna but he blogs about sports and everything else. His words are few but is precise and direct to the point. He knows very well how to summarize the idea making it convenient for quick reading.
8.Pentells True Story

Love conquers all. Even in blogs. Her blog is her “almost” daily life stories with her friends, family and loved ones inspired by her boyfriend who is also a blogger. She truly tells stories straight from the heart. This probinsyana who now lives in Manila writes her blog the way it was meant to be – a journal – a diary – her life story.

9.A Letter Writer

Blogging using the form of letter writing seems to be a unique way of expressing ideas and thoughts and giving out personal opinions makes it easy. Its like reading open letters. I love reading her articles so much and can’t wait for the next one.

10.The Traveling Panda

There is always room for more travel blogs on my list and I believe this one deserves a spot on my top ten list. He is surprisingly a cop but I am wondering how he finds time to blog about his travels. He also combines his article with great photos that are so artistic.



There you go. My top ten emerging influential blogs. I wanted to include more on the list but its the top ten for me. There might be more out there that I am not aware of but I’m sure many will be able to recognize their greatness if they persevere and continue to become influential.


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  1. Hi Jeepney Manila!

    I’m Kareen of Third Team Media. I help Janette Toral in reviewing the entries for the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blog 2013 Writing Project.

    I stumble upon your blog as one of the bloggers nominated you as as one of the emerging influential blogger/blog. I didn’t saw this blog post submitted as an official entry to the writing project. Since your post qualified for the writing project, I’ll include this as one of the official entries.

    Should you have any questions, feel free to send me an email to

    Thanks and good luck!

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