The IMMIGRANT : Quarterly Direct Mail Newszine


The IMMIGRANT is the Philippine travel issue. This is a free quarterly direct mail newszine for expatriates in the Philippines. It is the premium quarterly publication for the foreign Immigrants, expats communities, Balikbayans, high-networth Filipinos, the emerging affluent entrepreneurs and international visitors in the Philippines.

The IMMIGRANT was launched last April 18, held at The Taipan, Tower Club, Makati City. It was hosted by well known Atty. Katrina Legarda and with guest speakers Henry Schumacher, VP External Affairs, European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP and Her Britannic Majesty’s Ambassador Stephen Lillie and speaker Department of Tourism Undersecretary The Hon. Daniel Corpuz.

The IMMIGRANT’s dream is not just to have the power to be heard, or be read, but moreover, the power to influence their decisions. By always giving them everything and only what’s relevant. The vision is to be more than just a paper. In every article and content that we put out, the goal is to always to earn and to deserve our readers’ trust.

With the influx of high net worth foreign investors, executives and entrepreneurs into the Philippines, the expat community is continuously growing. And with this massive growth, there is a steady rise of opportunities that these individuals would gladly benefit from – being their personal adviser on everything about life in this country, to being a professional consultant on business, laws and immigration affairs, or even as simple as being their personal storyteller. They need to hear a voice that is focused on them. A voice that professionally informs and personally connects them to everything and only what’s relevant to their stay in the Philippines. And right now, there is only one publication that is trying to be this voice. “Trying” being the operative word. And so the Immigrant has spotted this role that needs to be fulfilled, and not just for the sake of putting a paper out there for them, but actually perfecting that paper, from design, to relevant content, to distribution, to basically every detail, The Immigrant will be that voice that they would trust and would want to hear again and again.
The IMMIGRANT is headed by Publisher Atty.Jose ‘Pepe’ Villanueva III and Editor-at-Large Walter C. Villa. Editorial Board members are Henry Schumacher, Atty.Katrina Legarda and Dean Ernest P. Maceda Jr.Continued here :


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