Samsonite Introduces Curv Technology



Samsonite formally introduces Curv Technology last Tuesday, May 7, 2013 in the Firelite Collection launch held at the Manila Peninsula Hotel, Makati City.

Extra light and strong – Revolutionizing the ease in travel and transforming how a luggage is crafted Samsonite formally introduces Curv® Technology. Making travel easier is an ongoing mission at Samsonite and now they introduce this breakthrough as Curv® Technology allows a luggage to be made unbelievably light yet exceptionally strong as evidenced in their 3 Collections:

Cosmolite; Cubelite and the recently released Firelite.

The Curv® Brought to Life.
Curv® is a revolutionary concept in thermoplastic materials that bridges the gap between commodity plastics and traditional fibre-reinforced materials. Curv® is ‘self reinforced’ because it comprises high performance thermoplastic fibres in a matrix of exactly the same material. It is 100% polypropylene, but yields stiffness and strength values around 5 times those of others. In addition, Curv® has a high strain to failure which in combination with good tensile strength offers tremendously high impact resistance, even at temperatures as low as -189 degrees Celsius! These specific material characteristics, combined with its low density allow for very significant weight savings in final products.
“Curv® is nothing less than a revolution for our market”, says Arno de Taeye, Vice President Customer Services Europe and Global Supply Hardside. “It is a magnificent new material for all those applications where impact resistance and lightweight play a key role.” Another advantage of the material lies in its attractive optical appearance and the extensive design possibilities.”

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