Puzzle Mansion : A Puzzling Experience in Tagaytay


Gina “The Puzzle Lady” Lacuna welcomed us to her Puzzle Mansion, an extraordinary Bed & Breakfast located at Tagaytay.  The mansion also has the largest puzzle collection in the world.  I was lucky enough to be one of the bloggers selected for this puzzling event, no pun intended.  We met with Carlos the driver at around 8 AM at Starbucks, Shangrila Mall.  After that, we travelled from there to Puzzle Mansion.  The total travel time took around 2 and a half hours so it is not that far from Manila like what some have said.  Believe it or not, me and my fellow bloggers got to ride the Ford E150 of the owner.  We really got the VIP treatment in this bloggers event and I have to thank Mrs. Lacuna for that.

When we were near Puzzle Mansion, there is that roller coaster like path that scared everyone because we went downhill fast.  It is a good thing the driver was a veteran of situations like that.  When we got there, we were quickly greeted by the puzzle lady herself.  She told us she is going to be on the cover of the Philippine Star this week and the Manila Bulletin next week.  She is certainly no stranger to getting surrounded by the media.  She told us she is familiar with the influence of bloggers since countless bloggers like Anton Diaz have already been there too.  Business has been good to the Puzzle Mansion last holy week because Good Friday had around 1000 visitors and Black Saturday had more than that.  She also told us that we can swim in the swimming pool but were not able to bring any swimming attire with us.



The Puzzle Lady told us we were going to eat breakfast, tour the puzzle museum, eat lunch then have early dinner. Since our food was not ready, Mrs. Lacuna decided to give us the tour of the puzzle museum.  She told us to listen to her first and take pictures later on since we were going to come back anyway.  She really knows the history behind each puzzle even if the amount of puzzles displayed there is a mind boggling 1028.  She showed the most difficult puzzles including the one she is currently solving.  She even decided to pose pictures with all of us individually and all of us grabbed that opportunity.  After the tour, we headed back to the kitchen table where we ate breakfast.  We were late breakfast which was sausages and bread with butter.  We were excited to go back to the museum so much that we finished our food right away.  Mrs. Lacuna told one of her staff to lead us to our rooms so we can put our things there before we go back to the museum.

Back at the Puzzle Museum, we noticed each puzzle has complete information including the number of pieces and the time it took Mrs. Lacuna to finish the puzzle.  The highlights of the museum have got to be the 3D and 4D puzzles because they were puzzles within a puzzle.  We were amazed at how easy it was for Mrs. Lacuna to finish each puzzle.  We all knew that none of us would even come close to becoming as good in solving puzzles as her so bravo to her.  After coming from the puzzle museum, y co-bloggers joked that the room might be full of puzzles too.  Another blogger told us that they should have a puzzle contest and that if a guest finishes the puzzle in the allotted time then they get to stay for free.  It was indeed a great idea.



After that, we had lunch and Mrs. Lacuna told us her cook Ryan is such a great cook.  I have to agree with that because all the meals we ate that day were superb so I have to give compliments to the cook.  For lunch, we ate Monggo Soup, Chicken and Pork Adobo and Chicken Tinola.  Out of all of them, my favorite was the Monggo soup because it had some crunchy pork bits.  After lunch, we decided to enjoy the room given to us.  Both television sets were not actually working but while I was laying down on the bed, some maintenance people came in and fixed the TV.  Because of that, we were able to watch the Cignal cabled TV.  While waiting for supper to be served, we took pictures of the plants and fruits that are for sale.  It turns out Mrs. Lacuna allowed those people to sell their stuff at her mansion for free.  We were shocked at her kind gesture towards those people.

Before going home, we finally had the opportunity to take a group picture with the puzzle lady herself.  We have nothing but nice things to say for the way we were treated from the moment we step food at Puzzle Mansion.  All the people here are nice and I can’t blame tourists for listing down this place as one of the places they wanted to visit in the Philippines.


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