PHILPOP Music Festival 2013 Announces Final 12

PhilPOP Musicfest with the main message of “Your theme, your genre, your song” encouraged Filipinos from all over the world to write song limited only by their creativity. The response to the call for entries was tremendous, generating a record breaking 3,383 submission!
The majority of the entries come from Quezon City, Makati, and Manila and outside the country like Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Germany, China, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Australia, Canada, Norway, Saudi Arabia, the United States, Ireland, UK, Thailand, and Macau. Most overseas entries came from the United States, official entries are down to the Final 12.
As announced by Philpop MusicFest Foundations’s Executive Director Ryan Cayabyab here are this year’s finalists and their song entries:

Thyro Alfaro and Yumi Lacsamana “Dati”
Myrus Apacible “Sana Pinatay Mo Nalang Ako”
Paul Armesin “Segundo”
Marion Aunor “Do, Do, Do”
Joey Ayala “Papel”
Marlon Barnuevo “Araw, Ulap, Langit”
Gani Brown “Askal”
Raffy Calicdan “Space”
Johnoy Danao “Kung ‘di Man”
Lara Maigue “Sayo Nalang Ako”
Jungee Marcelo “Pansamantagal”
Adrienne Sarmiento-Buenaventura “Sometimes That Happens”
Philpop MusicFest Foundation’s executive director Mr. Cayabyab shares that this is the most diverse collection of entries.
“I heard a lot of rock, pop, rap, hip hop, folk, R and B, ballad, a sprinkling of swing and dance music. There are some attempts to do a modernized kundiman and quite a lot of novelty songs that visibly entertained the adjudicating panel. I can’t wait to hear the top 12 that this year’s special panel will present in the finals night on July 6, 2013!”

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