PAMORA FARM, The Home of Free-range Chicken!

Chicken ranging
Pamora Farm, Inc. is a Filipino-European joint venture that operates a free-range chicken farm in Barangay Garreta, Pidigan, Abra.

Free-range farming is a method of raising animals where they are left to roam freely in an allocated area with minimum required space. Free-range chickens are raised for a longer period than commercial chickens. They are allowed to develop natural habits and grow the way a normal chicken should — scratching the ground and roaming the barnyard. They are grown for their flavorful taste.
Free-range chickens are grown naturally. Free-range chickens have low fat content, only 8-10% compared to regular commercial chicken that has 19-29% fat content.
Last April 27, 2013, we had a lunch meeting with the friendly owners of Pamora farm Mr. Gerard Papillon and Tina Morados, in Brasserie Cicou Restaurant at Greenhills. The sumptuous menu prepared by Chef Cyrille Soenen and Chef Summer,  while Gerald and Tina talks and presented to us through with every meal we had.

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