Get a Chance to Watch Beyonce Live!

“Globe Fly Away Promo: Beyonce” is a once in a lifetime chance to catch Beyonce Knowles ultimately back to run the world and to strut her fierceness as Queen B with her new world tour concert. 

A diva will be reborn again! Beyonce is ready to strut her new self this coming July!

Over a million of Beyonce fans from over two continents have already signed up to witness the world tour concert entitled “The Mrs. Carter World Tour” which has kicked off in Europe. Sasha Fierce, together with his powerful smash hits, is set to take the stage on the 1st of July at the Staples Center, Los Angeles.
The Mrs. Carter World Tour show is the fourth concert of Sasha “Beyonce” Fierce that showcases and epitomizes what a true diva is. The concert is all about defining the legacy of what she has contributed to the music industry. Big preparations have been made from choreography to her outfit changes, the set changes, pyrotechnics and above all, the showmanship of the one and only diva. She tops it all with her tremendous and show-stopping moments in her performances that make her fans clamor for more.
The World Tour has already been in full swing and has been bringing jaw-dropping performance that indubitably brought her fans back on track once more. “When I leave this world, I’ll leave no regrets. Leave something to remember, so they won’t forget I was here,” says Beyonce in one of her lyrics.
This coming April, Globe brings you a complete one-of-a-kind experience to see Sasha Fierce live in Los Angeles California.

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