Callalily and 6 Cyclemind Join Forces to “Switch!” on June 7

Two of Philippine’s hottest bands Callalily and 6cyclemind join forces to bring you “SWITCH”, one of this year’s most anticipated events in the local music industry. This is their very first time, back-to-back major concert!

This SWITCH will be held on June 7, 2013 at the Music Museum. Audience should look forward to this special back-to-back concert as it will feature both bands’ hits and exciting surprises! Get to experience what “SWITCH” is all about!

During the mini TV press and bloggers conference last Tuesday, May 7, 2013 held at Sir Boy’s Food Republic, Panay Quezon City,  Kean Cipriano and Tutti Caringal shared to us that the SWITCH idea started when Callalily and 6cyclemind were doing regular back-to-back shows in 70’s bistro. The response from fans were positive that they asked “Why not bring this to a bigger platform and make it a major concert?!”.

This will definitely be a great way to give back to their fans and treat them to an extraordinary show.

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