The Birds of IRRI: A Photo Exhibit


Did you know that there are about 50 birds species that often visits our rice fields.

Recentlyy a photo exhibit entitled “Feathers in the Fields: The Birds of IRRI” opened at the Riceworld Museum of the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) headquarters located in  Los Baños, Philippines.

The exhibit showcases the many bird species that frequent IRRI’s rice farms through images captured by two of the country’s most passionate bird photographers. It also features videos and recorded bird sounds. I myself didn’t know that such a huge number of birds frequented the IRRI rice fields and possibly the other rice fields all around us.

These birds were not only highlighted through those beautiful photos, it was supplemented by scientific names, descriptions of the birds, and information on their habitat and diet.

According ot Sir Bruce, IRRI’s deputy director general for communication and partnerships, “IRRI sees the rice fields wholistically”. “The exhibit on the birds of IRRI underlines the Institute’s attention to rice production as part of a functioning ecosystem that not only supports human food security, but also serves as a habitat for flora and fauna. Such ecosystems need to be managed with careful attention to sustainability and the optimal use of precious natural resources”.

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