Little Miss Solane Presents Country’s Smartest, Most Promising Kids and Teens

Little Miss Solane


A back to back presentation of Ms. Globe Philippines with Little Miss Solane 2013 was launched last April 25, 2013 at Sofitel Hotel Manila in preparation for their grand  national pageant set on May 25, 2013 at Sunset Pavilion, Sofitel. Judges will choose one winner for each category and will crown them as Little Miss Solane 2013 Cuties and Little Miss Solane 2013 Teenies.

Get ready to meet the country’s wittiest, most talented kids and teens as Little Miss Solane 2013, a pageant that empowers your child’s potential, presents this year’s official candidates.

Not your ordinary child beauty pageant, Little Miss Solane 2013 is an avenue where young misses can meet new friends, learn new things about themselves, and more importantly, improve their talents, skills, and well-being.

Made possible by Solane, the country’s leading LPG solutions company, Little Miss Solane was actually known in the ‘60s as Little Miss Shellane. A popular pageant for children, it has generated a lot of interest in the past and has in fact produced a number of winners who are now established and distinguished women in their own fields.

This year, Solane decided to bring back the then-popular pageant and continue its legacy to enable young misses to realize their dreams. Unlike other children’s competitions that focus merely on physical attributes, Little Miss Solane 2013 endeavors to enhance talent and potential and build character and personality. By giving them a good sense of accomplishment this early, the pageant aims to mold these young misses into successful women who create positive change in the society.

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