GIGI Coffee & Cupcakes

Gigi cupcakes


Cupcake is my life and it will always be part of the dessert treats and collections. I’m very glad to have found a French-inspired, classy and mood-setter cupcake house in Eastwood.

You wouldn’t believe that each cupcake only costs P40. Very reasonable for its outstanding taste and cutie detailed appearance. Each cup of cake has its own personality that you can differentiate which is which. Every frosting was placed neatly topped with chocolates, candy sprinkles or even salt.

We tried almost all the flavors. Each of them were very luscious and soft. Very addicting! Tops my list are raspberry, mint and choco salt.

Other flavors are chocolate, green tea, lemon, white chocolate, peanut butter, etc. Red Velvet is simply their best-seller.

It might confuse you upon seeing this photo if its that big or not. I’m telling you it’s an average-size cupcake that is well-stuffed with flour, egg and all the other ingredients that will satisfy you even in one bite. Will definitely not give you an “air” cupcake.
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