FILA Supports The Philippine Volcanoes



Press launching of The Philippine National Rugby Union Team called “Volcanoes” , they are half breed Filipino who’s heart and minds are goaled to give their best for the glory of their motherland. Most of them got a Filipina mom and somehow being reared pinoy but obviously though their physique is foreign breed.

“This year marks a new era for the Philippine Volcanoes as they bring the Philippine flag to the World Cup. Pride truly burns deep as this athletic feat is a big first for the country – even deeper for Fila Philippines which will accompany the Volcanoes to the prestigious competition as their official sponsor,” said Fila Philippines owner Chris Albert.

The Philippine National Rugby Union Team, nicknamed the “Volcanoes”  is the country’s official representation to the international rugby union. With countless golds to their name beating prominent countries in international tournaments, the Volcanoes have now become headliner in Philippine sports.

Today, the volcanoes are the most successful team in the Asian Five Nations Tournaments next to Japan. In the past five years, the Herculean squad has lost only one match, Losing to South Korea in Division One in 2011. In 2012, the Volcanoes stormed into the Top 5 with an unbeaten run, besting Chinese-Taipei, Singapore and Sri-Lanka in a round robin Series.

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