Running at night guided only by Energizer LED Headlamps, runners get a sense of how important light is. Usually taken for granted in developed areas, light and clean energy are extremely valuable in off-the-grid communities. They dictate a child’s capacity to learn, an adult’s ability to work, and the community’s maximum functionality. They also help promote personal health and the environment by lessening carbon emissions made by alternative light sources such as candles, kerosene lamps, and firewood.

The need for efficient and eco-friendly lighting has led Energizer to partner with One Million Lights (OML), a nonprofit organization that shares the same goal of providing rural communities around the world with the gift of light. Since 2011, Energizer and OML have donated 23 million hours’ worth of light through Energizer Solar-Powered LED flashlights and lamps to different remote communities in Latin America, Ethiopia, Kenya, and the Philippines.

Energizer’s efforts to put the issue of light and energy in perspective are part of their “That’s Positivenergy™” campaign that serves as the company’s platform to show its commitment to performance and responsibility. This means providing consumers with durable and energy efficient products for everyday needs.

More information here: http://atibapangmgapangyayari.blogspot.com/2013/05/out-for-night-time-run-energizer-night.html


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