Manila International Auto Show Beauties Further Heats Up the Summer

luscious manila issue 1

The Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) holds together the toughest and the fiercest parts and rides in this one grandest gathering of cars, car lovers and drivers.

With over 500, 000 attendees since 2005, nearly 200 participating companies from the automotive sectors, 500 exhibitors and 400 car display units in the show’s 30,000sqm exhibit area, MIAS is the biggest motoring and driving event in the Philippines held every summer.

The event features brand new cars, hybrid cars and concept car launches from the country’s top automotive brands, state of the art auto parts and electronic gadgets exhibits, motorsports clinic and demos and on road and off road test drives, Manila International Auto Show is a car enthusiast’s ticket of to cloud nine.

MIAS also covers car contests and recognitions to distinguish cutthroat efforts of car owners and exhibitors, such as car of the year awards, MIAS classic and custom car competitions. MIAS also exposes the latest stories and happenings in the car and parts industry.

But another highlight of the event are the lovely and gorgeous ladies sporting sexy outfits enough for every man to drool over. So this means men will not just drop a jaw at this event because of the spectacular vehicles.

luscious manila issue 2

luscious manila issue 3

luscious manila issue 4

luscious manila issue 5

More photos here :

* Disclaimer: All Magazine covers are purely fictitious and are not real. Photo credits to Mac Vasquez.


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