Earth Day Jam 2013 : Jamming for the Planet

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The global campaign for genuine climate change takes a more aggressive stand by bringing on the critical environmental issue to the public’s doorstep. It shows what the individual Filipino can positively start doing to save planet Earth!

The Philippines’ longest running environmental awareness concert, Earth Day Jam 2013, brings together some of the biggest pop music artists, celebrities and public personalities in one fabulous environmental awareness concert marathon. It addresses the most pressing environmental issues already affecting most countries, including the Philippines, by pushing for aggressive community based and individual- centered participative action.


The radical thematic shift is a necessary action plan, not merely to inform the public, which Earth Day Jam’s organizers have been actively theme injecting for more than a decade, but to enjoin the public to partake in their own simple way to the campaign’s overall realization.

“Climate change has reached its boiling point! It needs to be taken more seriously! It is what is pushing governments, the Philippines included, to take a more active stand towards genuine change, with the public first hands the dangerous effects of extreme environmental phenomenon, the floods in Bali, Indonesia or the tsunami that hit Japan recently. These atmospheric catastrophes are real, affects everyone, and it is happening worldwide because of climate change’s effect. We want this campaign to begin in your homes, the people in your community, and what you can contribute to really work,” said Earth Day Jam 2013’s executive producer, Ms. Lou Bonnevie

Earth Day Jam 2013 brings together the biggest names in show business, featuring some of the country’s fave rock bands Rocksteddy, Callalily, ,Rivermaya, Sandwich, Moonstar ’88, Mayonnaise, Ely Buendia’s new band The Oktaves with Soul siren Nina, reggae band Brownman Revival, Reggae Mistress, and former 6 Cycle Minds frontman, Ney, with singer/songwriter female icons Lou Bonnevie, Kitchie Nadal and Barbie Almalbis. Newbie groups joining Earth Day Jam 2013, which has become a traditional venue for aspiring and established Pinoy pop musicians, include the hiphop sensation Abra, bands Gracenote and Save Me Hollywood. Kalayo, formerly known as Pinikpikan will provide the world fusion touch with surprise artists expected to come and join the “jam”. Award winning actress-host G Tongi joins Lou in hosting the festivities.

“Earth Day Jam 2013 is a pop concert! We want people to have fun, enjoy the street party associated with International Earth Day Jam’s celebrations! We remind ourselves the need to stay cool, which is what young audiences want from a star studded public concert such as this — to get people to listen, participate, and hopefully bring that fresh leaning experience into active practice, in their respective communities,” added Bonnevie.

Bridging the gap between the government (The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR)), environmental organizations and the general public, Earth Day Jam 2013’s free concert platform, traditionally keynoted by environmental experts speaking about various environmental issues, is studying the prospect of bringing the non-profit/cause oriented concert series outside Metro Manila.

“We have received interest from people outside Metro Manila, to bring the Earth Day Concert to the province. It is a welcome invitation, but this needs planning, funding, which may run counter, if we started selling tickets, to Earth Day Jam’s free concert concept.”

Earth Day Jam 2013 is presented by Earthday Foundation,Inc in cooperation with The City of Taguig and supported by DENR, Smart Communications, Shell Philippines Exploration B.V.,, Energy Development Corporation, PCSO , First Gen Corporation ,PAGCOR ,NLEX and BGC. Media Partners include The Philippine Star , Business World, Radio High , Crossover , ABC CBN ,MYX Music Channel, Manila Concert Scene, Philippine Concerts with Gery’s Grill as official food.

Earth Day Jam 2013 will be staged “live” on April 19, 2013 at the 9th Ave. corner 34th St. of the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig beside the Mercato Night Market starting 6pm. It is Free to the Public . For more info, Join Facebook EARTHDAY JAM 2013, call 8976991 or log on to


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