Binibining Pilipinas 2013 Fashion Show : Perfect Combination of Beauties and Fashionable Outfits


I was invited to attend the Binibining Pilipinas 2013 Fashion Show last April 11 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. I was very fortunate to have some photo ops with  Venus Raj and Maggie Wilson, plus Alma Concepcion, and watched how fifty (50) beautiful and gorgeous ladies strut many fashionable outfits from fashion icon Pitoy Moreno, who is very well be considered as one of the country’s National artist in the field of fashion.

For more of the feature (photos and videos), please visit:

More of the Binibining Pilipinas Fashion Show soon at pinoytekkie Youtube

Video footage Part 1 :

DSC01081 DSC00610 DSC00624 DSC00626 DSC00641 DSC00663 DSC00671 DSC00683 DSC00688 DSC00692 DSC00695 DSC00698 DSC00700 DSC00702 DSC00712 DSC00719 DSC00723 DSC00726 DSC00729 DSC00735 DSC00741 DSC00744 DSC00756 DSC00759 DSC00768 DSC00771 DSC00774 DSC00777 DSC00780 DSC00784 DSC00787 DSC00792 DSC00802 DSC00810 DSC00816 DSC00820 DSC00828 DSC00834 DSC00843 DSC00854 DSC00857 DSC00873 DSC00878 DSC00882 DSC00891 DSC00902 DSC00911 DSC00924 DSC00933 DSC00945 DSC00950 DSC00970 DSC00979 DSC01003 DSC01017 DSC01028 DSC01032 DSC01033 DSC01035 DSC01038 DSC01042 DSC01062


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