IHOP: Overhyped or Worth the Hype?

ihop original buttermilk pancake

Who doesn’t love pancakes?

We often called them hotcakes during our childhood, and topped with butter and syrups of any kind, they were a delight to every breakfast. Until now, I just can’t get enough of pancakes. Whether cooked right at home or bought from restaurants like the Pancake House, they simply lighten up my days – add some fresh juice then were already in heaven!

There’s a new restaurant that has pancakes as their main dish. Ihop, the iconic brand famous for serving all-day breakfast, lunch, and dinner items has been open in the Philippines for quite some time now and I’ve been seeing a long queue everytime I pass by their branch in BGC.

I was really curious why a lot of people went to Ihop and some were even patient enough to wait for two hours.  We came to Ihop last Tuesday night and there was not much of a line.  I don’t know if it is because the hype died down or what.  We were led to our seats and I have to admit the service is very fine here.


ihop front

ihop venue 1

ihop venue 2

ihop venue 3

ihop second floor

ihop venue 4

ihop menu

ihop syrups

We glanced through the menu and I noticed they have a lot of bottomless drinks and there were two of them that were new namely Splashberry which even had a piece of strawberry inside and Tropical Blend Twist.  Since we were thirsty, we had 4 glasses each.  Both drinks were good and I really recommend them.

ihop splashberry

ihop tropical blend twist

For the food, I ordered French Onion Pot Roast and my wife ordered Big Steak Omelette.  Since I am a big fan of pancakes, I wanted to give their original buttermilk pancakes a try so I did.  After about 10 minutes, our food arrived at the same time.  That’s funny since I was expecting the pancake to arrive first.  The French onion pot roast actually tasted like an improved corned beef and the big steak omelette tasted great.  For the pancake, I actually think their pancake is not the best I have tasted in the country.  I still think the best is at Flapjacks.

ihop big steak omelette

ihop french onion pot roast

Sad to say, I was hyped but a little bit disappointed.  Ihop is a great pancake house, and the rest of the food were worthy of a visit, but I would not be able to come back more often since it is far from my home, and did not really exceed my expectations enough to travel longer or to spend more just to go all the way to their BGC branch. But maybe when they set up a branch near us, I will definitely go back to grab a bite. Lastly, I’m sure to make it my first stop when I’m at the BGC  area.

Know more about them from their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/IHOP-Philippines/152780568211645

Visit them at the G/F of W Global Center, 30th Street cor. 9th Ave., BGC, Taguig.

Their store hours are 6 AM to 12 Midnight, Sundays to Thursdays, and 24 hours every Fridays and Saturdays!

*credits to Ihop Facebook page for some of the pictures.


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