Mabuhay Restop and Manila Vanilla : Advocates of Philippine “Voluntourism”


It was a night where my friends and I enjoyed an amazing pop-cultural entertainment coupled with delicious home-style Filipino dishes from different regional specialties.

Mabuhay Restop boast of being a sincere promoter of Philippine culture and heritage in the most creative ways possible while trying to make a difference. Not only was the Manila Vanilla musical comedy a great source of laughter, it also opened our eyes to the many idiosyncrasies of Filipinos. We had the pleasure of watching a show that we were able to relate to after a delightful meal. It was indeed hard to laugh out loud with a full stomach while we were thrilled by a night filled with laughter.




Though we are aware of our own personal shortcomings and crazy antics, we seem to fancy seeing it creatively presented right before our eyes. Some would react in one part of the show that they are seeing something similar to what Fil-Am comedians like Mikey Bustos would do in their YouTube videos – acting like dumb and oblivious of the culture and ways of Filipinos, or being awed, stunned and surprised seeing themselves getting influenced by the Filipino identity.















Mabuhay Restop’s Manila Vanilla should be commended for promoting Filipino identity and hope that it flourishes onwards so that this would somehow boost our country’s tourism. The show would be a great treat for both local and foreign tourists who want to experience the humorous side of the Filipinos.


As a museum, travel cafe and social enterprise in one, it should be proud of what it is doing.







I myself would like to promote tourism in our country. Who else would want to see his country become a prime tourist destination filled with a rich culture and heritage – of course it will be us Filipinos!

Owner and President Rose Cabrera, a UCLA-educated California lawyer and Gawad Kalinga advocate would like their guests to know and experience the Philippines like never before.

They wont just offer great food and entertainment, they would also offer “voluntourism” tours and other avenues to provide visitors with an opportunity to create better lives for communities who need it most.



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