Casita Ysabel : A Paradise Weekend Getaway in Mabini, Batangas

My first impression of Casita Ysabel was immediately replaced with awe when I finally went in and saw the entirety of the resort. It was like a small paradise haven. So tranquil and peaceful, so solemn and beautiful, so damn great!

It was like a photographers delight as every corner of the place was perfect for picture taking. I brought with me two cameras and both had an 8 gb memory capacity on them and plus an extra 16 gb memory card in my bag’s pocket, and another old 2 gb memory card as well tucked in another point shoot camera…..and believe me when I say, it was not enough. I had to take a lot of shots so I can forever capture the beauty oif this paradise-like resort.

Packed and ready to go to a Batangas Beach resort located in San Teodoro Mabini Batangas. We decided to commute since we were not yet familiar with the place. It will be our first time to try it out after we got an invitation from the owner herself.

Two bags for two of us was enough for just an overnight stay at the resort. We left early in the morning by bus to the Batangas main bus terminal, then took a jeepney on the way to Mabini. The last ride was a tricycle ride that took us to Casita Ysabel in San Teodoro.


The tricycle ride was a bit of a surprise. It was actually a long ride and seems it was the only way to get there if you would be commuting. For a large group, it would be advisable to rent a van instead. A bus would have to park outside as it would have no room inside the resort. Also, the resort is not intended for a huge group. The owner says a group of 20 people will be more comfortable as they only have 8 rooms for rent with each room varying in the capacity of accommodations.

Gumamelas are plenty in Casita Ysabel. The reason why they have used it in their logo. That is also the reason why later you will see that they often use the flowers to decorate their rooms in a way that spells romantic with a capital R.

The registration area is already filled with interesting objects and furniture. You will immediately fell in love with the interiors and how the owner placed them all together in harmony.

Every object can be a conversational piece. You’ll have plenty to see and admire, an a lot to talk about at this amazing resort.

There’s an area where there’s a huge bonfire well  for groups who would like to experience a bonfire at night. Its ideal for groups who would like to do retreats or recollections.

Every room at Casita Ysabel is uniquely a work of art. Each one was given a name just like a person with unique traits and personalities. All of the roms are dreamy and will definitely set the mood for a romantic affair at the resort.

There are designs taht are so intricate and imaginative and each one boasts of an origin that is worth knowing its story. I’s sure the staff at the resort would be happy to share them with you.

Spiral staircases made out of bamboos adds more creativity to the houses. I think there’s a piece of nature in every part of the houses. Once used to be a family getaway or rest house was opened to the public a few years ago so many could appreciate and enjoy the wonders of a paradise getaway.

I’ve just shown you a few rooms that the resort has to offer but the rest of the rooms were also magnificently built with a passionate eye for beauty and comfort.

Ysabel is where the guests dining area is located . It is also a remarkable location in the resort that’s very conducive to dining. There’s also free wi-fi Internet access available at this part of the resort. There are three spectacular rooms above it that are also available for guests.

The dining area is very neat and the table arrangements are different each day. The presentation of meals are also very attractive, and the meals themselves are comparable to Manila restaurants in both taste and serving.

There was no menu given at the dining area because there is a daily menu of meals. However, I’m sure you can order a dish that you like as long as the ingredients are in their kitchen. The chef is not a stay-in but only goes to the resort if there are several guests booked. The owner herself, who has her own private house at the top of the hill, can also cook up your meal herself, if necessary.

We started our lunch with a squash soup that was just right in taste.

Next was “dynamites” as starters. You can already see why they are called “dynamites” because of the appearance, and they were meant to be a “hot” dish, but were surprisingly just perfectly good.

We were served some pork “adobo”, chicken “tinola” and some veggies.

The dessert was some fried bananas (saging na saba) topped with sesame seeds and chocolate syrup.

We had a great lunch at Casita Ysabel. The best thing about the resort was the staff  for being so uber-friendly. I will show you some pictures of them on my later blogs.

Since this will be a very long blog and I have plenty of pictures to share (like I said earlier, I consumed several gigabytes of memory on my camera). I will have to divide the story into several parts.

Please join me again for the rest of the story.

Meantime, please check out Casita Ysabel’s website for more information:


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